Casting is one of the most popular genres in the world of adult entertainment. It involves attractive, amateur or professional models being put through a series of tests, usually by a casting agent or studio, in order to see if they can be suitable for a certain role or production. This type of porn typically features interviews with the models, scenarios for the auditions and sometimes even actual sex scenes depending on what kind of production it is. When it comes to casting videos specifically, there are various styles and types available on the market. Most often seen are solo female models that are being interviewed and filmed in order to show off their abilities for potential partners in the porn industry. These audition-style tapes also often feature a male interviewer who might ask questions about their experience level as well as ask them to take on various sexual positions or perform certain tasks. In addition to solo female-oriented auditions, there are also casting videos featuring groups (also known as “gangs”) that have some level of sexual connection between each other. This can either involve threesomes, foursomes or even larger group sex scenarios featuring multiple people at once. Similarly to solo auditions, these will usually include interviews with each model plus time spent practicing different sex acts before actually getting down and dirty in front of the camera. Overall, casting videos provide an interesting perspective into what goes into making an adult film – both from an industry point of view as well as from a model’s perspective – which makes it a genre that has continued to be popular among viewers from all around the world. Whether you’re looking for solo models being interviewed or large “gangs” having wild sex together – there’s something for everyone when it comes to casting porn!