Cuckolding, also known as “hotwifing,” is a fetish in which one partner – usually the male – enjoys watching their partner having sex with someone else. It’s a term derived from the cuckoo bird and refers to a male bird being fooled into thinking another bird’s offspring are his own. For the pleasure of watching his partner with another person, the cuckold would be willing to accept humiliation and subjugation.Cuckolding is often framed as a consensual activity between two partners who both get aroused by it; however, many find it shameful and degrading. Whether you consider it kinky or not, cuckolding has become increasingly popular in porn videos over the years. According to Pornhub Insights, “cuckold” was the 25th most popular search term of 2020 on their website and experienced growth even during lockdown periods when people had less access to partners for sexual activities. Cuckolding porn usually features female characters cheating on their male partners with muscular alpha males. It can be incredibly hot and arousing for many viewers as they watch their own fantasies come to life on screen - especially when it takes unexpected turns like the male character joining in on the fun! When done right, cuckold films can be sexually liberating for its viewers by normalizing consenting non-monogamy as an alternative relationship dynamic. Although these films have become more socially accepted in recent years, there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding them. It’s important to remember that everyone involved should feel comfortable throughout - if someone isn’t interested or feels uncomfortable about participating at any point then all parties should respect that decision without judgement or question. Safety always comes first! Whether you find yourself aroused by this taboo fantasy or simply curious about what it's all about, there's certainly no shortage of options available online nowadays so you can explore this kinky world safely from home!