Facesitting is one of the most stimulating and intimate forms of pleasure that two partners can share. It involves the active partner sitting on the passive partner's face, usually with their genitals covering the passive partner's mouth. This is often accompanied by sensual grinding and rubbing, or even full-on sex. Facesitting can be used to tease, as a form of power play, or just as an incredibly pleasurable way to make love.In facesitting, the active partner straddles the passive partner’s head and uses their genitals to stimulate the passive partner’s face and mouth. The goal is to bring both partners to orgasm while still in this position. To make things even more exciting and increase sensation, many people use lubricants or edible oils such as coconut oil while they are facesitting.Facesitting can be an incredibly satisfying experience for both partners due to a combination of pleasure techniques used during it. From grinding against someone’s body, to sensually licking and kissing their neck, face and other erogenous zones – it all contributes to a heightened sense of pleasure for everyone involved. The use of hands is also encouraged when performing facesitting; not only can you insert fingers in different areas for further stimulation – you can also use them to hold onto your partner for support or tease them further during the act. In addition to providing pleasure from physical contact, there is also an element of psychological satisfaction associated with facesitting; control over another person is one of its main appeals because it gives a sense of domination over your partner as well as intimacy with them at the same time. Overall, if you’re looking for some exciting ways to take your sex life up a notch then why not try out some facesitting! It’s sure to give you both immense amounts of pleasure while allowing you explore each other in new ways!