Squirt, otherwise known as female ejaculation, is an incredibly popular form of sexual play. While it has existed in some cultures since time immemorial, it has grown in popularity in the modern times with a whole subculture dedicated to it.For those who haven’t heard about squirt before, it’s basically a form of female pleasure involving the expulsion of fluid from the urethra. The fluid is different from urine, but rather a mix of water and natural lubricants similar to that found in the vagina. Some women experience intense pleasure when they squirt and describe it as being an incredibly satisfying experience. Squirting can happen during orgasm or simply through stimulation of the G-spot area.When engaging in squirting with a partner, communication is key. Make sure that both you and your partner are comfortable with the activity and make sure that boundaries are discussed beforehand. As with any sexual activity, safety is paramount; make sure that you use protection if engaging in unprotected sex. Additionally, be aware that not all women are able to squirt and there can be several underlying reasons for this (such as physical or psychological issues). Respect your partner’s wishes if she does not wish to engage in squirting activities and do not pressure her into something she does not want to do. Once all safety precautions have been taken care of, there a few tips you should keep in mind when performing or watching squirting acts: • Make sure your partner is relaxed before attempting anything; arousal makes things easier! • Use appropriate lubrication during foreplay to ensure maximum comfort during penetration or stimulation of the G-spot area. • Experiment with different angles and positions until you find what works best for your partner. • Stimulate both physically and mentally – use sexy talk or introduce toys like vibrators into the bedroom to create more pleasure! • Give positive feedback throughout – let her know how beautiful she looks and how good she feels! • Once you have found what works for your partner, stick to those techniques and keep trying until success is achieved!