A striptease is a type of erotic dancing performance that involves a sex worker, usually a female exotic dancer, slowly taking off her clothes and often dancing in an alluring and sexually teasing way. It often ends with the removal of all clothing, leaving the dancer wearing nothing more than lingerie or underwear. Striptease performances have been around for centuries, although they have been popularized in modern times through movies, television shows, and even hip-hop videos.Modern striptease is often practiced in strip clubs and adult entertainment venues throughout the world. Typically, performers will start by wearing glamorous clothing such as dresses or lingerie that they then strip off in time to music. Commonly used props during these performances include chairs, poles, boas, feathers, and other costumes. As the performance progresses so does the level of undress – while the actual removal of underwear or lingerie may or may not occur depending on the modesty level of each individual performer.Striptease performances generally involve movement that emphasizes the sensual curves of a woman’s body; this includes possible twerking or gyrating of hips and buttocks to emphasize her curves even further. During these performances dancers also engage with their audiences; often making direct eye contact with people in attendance and sometimes playing various types of games that involve audience participation. In many cases stripteases are seen as an act of empowerment for women – allowing them to take control over their own bodies and sexualities in an environment where traditionally women are not always given such autonomy. However it is important to note that there are also risks involved with stripping including physical injury (due to back strain), assault/harassment from patrons/customers/colleagues and psychological stress due to its taboo nature society at large. If you’re thinking about taking part in a striptease show then make sure you read up on your rights as a stripper - know what resources are available (if any) should you face any form of harassment - make sure you stay within legal limits - wear appropriate clothing (for yourself and your audience) - don’t be afraid to take breaks whenever needed - find out about labor laws regarding payment for services rendered - follow best practices when it comes to hygiene & safety etc..